Installation Day for Your Granite and Quartz Countertops: What to Expect

Are you planning on adding new quartz or granite countertops to your Morehead City property, but want to know what is involved in their installation? Onslow Stoneworks offers this quick timeline to help you prepare for this beautiful upgrade to your home or business.

Your Base Cabinetry will be Completely Installed Ahead of Time

No other work should be scheduled in the room on the same day when the new kitchen countertops arrive. All base cabinets should be in their final position when your countertop crew comes to take a template measurement one to two weeks prior to final delivery.

A Clear Path from the Door to the Kitchen or Bath

Your installation technicians will need some elbow room to move this heavy counter through the house. Clear the stairs, porches, and halls of all clutter and furniture. Providing a straight path from the truck to the kitchen makes it easier and safer for everybody.

Muscle and Dedicated Equipment Positions the Cut Granite

There will be at least two and up to six workers needed to lift the countertop in place. They may use a rolling table and lift that will give a helping hand, but in smaller homes or condos, they may not have room to use it. Depending on the size of the countertop, the pieces can weigh up to 800 pounds.

Your Technician Hides the Quartz Countertop Seams

Most counters will have at least one seam where two pieces of stone connect. Your technician will create a small beveled edge between the pieces and then add colored resin to the crack. Once it sets, the seam is sanded down for a nearly invisible join.

The Sink is Set in Position

Whether you have a drop-in, undermount, or apron sink, it will be put in position, and silicone applied around the edges to create a watertight seal. In some instances, we may request to take the sink to the shop during the fabrication process for a precise fit.

Holes May Be Cut for Your Faucets

If the holes for your faucets were not cut back at the shop, our installation team will do it at your home. The countertop team will not make the water connections, but all the hardware will be in position for your plumber to complete that part of the job.

Wait 24 Hours Before Using Your New Granite or Quartz Countertops

Now that the quartz or granite countertops are resting in their final position, you will need to wait a full day before moving using the surfaces to bear weight. This allows the adhesive to bond between the stone and the supports of the cabinetry. If this is a complete kitchen or bathroom renovation, your contractor will want to work in other rooms to prevent anyone from bumping the new counters during the 24-hour curing period.

Enjoy the Best Countertops Found in Morehead City

Now your home is ready to put those gorgeous new counters to work! If you would like to learn more about the huge variety of granite and quartz available for your custom counter project, give Onslow Stoneworks in Morehead City a call to schedule a visit to their showroom located right here in town.