6 Ingenious Ways to Solve Different Hair Problems

Hair, often referred to as the irremovable crown, is an important factor in forming our looks and self-image. Unfortunately, there are numerous hair issues that a person may face starting from hair loss to dandruff and several others.

Fortunately, new developments in the field of hair technology and traditional remedies have brought innovative solutions for this. Within this article, we will examine six typical problems involving hair and also discuss cutting-edge and efficient treatments applicable.

Regarding Hair Loss

Laser therapy for baldness was once perceived as a futuristic concept but has now become a highly demanded treatment option. By emitting photons, these devices such as low level laser therapy (LLLT) helmets or combs stimulate hair follicles thus, encouraging growth.

Such non-invasive treatment has shown results in both men and women who suffer from androgenetic alopecia. Additionally, techniques like scalp micropigmentation treatment not only create an illusion of a thicker head of hair but also promote blood movement.

It regenerates the scalp leading to more rapid growth of new follicles on it. During this procedure fine needles are used to deposit pigment into the scalp thus creating a shadow effect that reflects appearance of hair follicles.


Tea tree oil, famous for having antifungal and antibacterial properties can be very effective in the struggle against dandruff. By adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo or using shampoos with a high concentration of tea tree oil, you can soothe irritated skin and unclog hair follicles, reducing dandruff.

Moreover, ketoconazole is an active substance found in certain medicated shampoos that can fight the fungus causing dandruff. Consequently, regular use of Ketoconazole shampoos can relieve flaking, scaling and itching that arise from this condition.

Split Ends

Keratin treatments function by smoothing out cells that overlap to form your hair strands which makes them appear fuller and healthier. In addition to making your hair more resilient against split ends, they also treat frizz considerably.

It is important to regularly trim the ends in order to avoid them from splitting. However, the technique and frequency matter. Dusting, a technique where minimal hair is trimmed, can be particularly effective.

Therefore, keeping 6-8 weeks trimming schedule helps keep your hair healthy without losing too much length.


Argan oil is a wonderful solution for frizz due to the fact that it is full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E. This oil has the ability to enhance hair’s flexibility, thus making them easier to handle and not prone to frizzing.

By exchanging a silk pillowcase for one made of cotton, you can completely transform your hair. Silk has a smooth surface that prevents frizz and tangling while you sleep by reducing friction.

Dryness of the Scalp

Some hydrating masks for your face, just like hydrating scalp masks can rehydrate and nourish your scalp. Constituents such as coconut oil and aloe vera can calm and help moisten dryness of the scalp hence encouraging healthier hair growth.

Attempt sulfate-free shampoos. While sulfates are good cleansers, they rob natural oils from your hair and scalp leading to dryness. Sulfate-free shampoos cleanse gently without taking away essential hydration, hence being perfect for those who have dry scalp.

Lack of Volume

Volumizing shampoos are designed to lift the hair at their roots and therefore can be very beneficial for people with fine or limp locks. They contain substances that help open up the cuticle of hair and adding volume into strands thus, creating an overall illusion of thicker more voluminous hair.

For instant lift and lasting volume apply root-lifting spray directly on damp roots before styling. These sprays have polymers that stick on each strand making them look thicker.