Must-Have Beauty Products in UAE

No matter what the season is, we all need to take care of ourselves. A person can only feel good inside out by providing nourishment to both our external and internal systems. A good diet and a good self-care regime truly keeps a person refreshed and glowing because if you look better, you do better. This can be backed up by scientific studies as well. We feed ourselves to nourish our body from the inside out. But the exterior needs some protection and care as well. A good lip balm, hand cream and cologne does wonders in refreshing you throughout the day. If you have ever wondered or been confused about what your first step should be regarding self-care, you are at the right place.

Self-grooming is very necessary in order to appear collected and just looking nice. Read on to find out what products you should keep in your bag with you all throughout the day to keep yourself look put together.

1- Lip Care

No matter if it is during the day or night, your lips demand extra care and attention.
After all, it is the part of your body with the most sensitive skin. Ultimate hydration and moisture should be supplied to your lips in order to keep them looking fresh and avoid the appearance of them looking pale and crackly. A good scentless lip balm will become your best friend if you want to keep your lips in the best condition possible. Bath & Body Works offers Coconut Sunscreen lip balm which contains SPF to keep those unwanted UV rays away. Try these Bath & Body Works promo codes for saving up to 70% on your purchases.

2- Hand Cream

You know the part of your body that is always at work, never taking a break – your hands. They are always at your assistance and help you go through every motion of life. It is time you consider them for their role and start treating them better. Bath and Body Works has a solution in order to help you be nicer to your hands. Dream Bright Hand Cream comes in a portable bottle that offers your hands 24 hour long moisture with their formula of shea butter, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. This product is paraben-free and quick to absorb into your palms so you don’t have to worry about having oily palms.

3- Cologne or fragrance

Smelling good throughout the day is something that you cannot overlook. You need a cologne or fragrance with a formula that you can apply once and have it last you throughout the day. An appealing scent that is not too overpowering, is vegan and uses recycled plastic for their bottles? Only Bath & Body Works fragrances and mists have covered all the three categories. You get a day long coverage with scents that range from musky and heady, fresh to sweet. The body mists also offer you extra hydration every time you re-apply them. Go get the online exclusive fragrances available at Bath & Body Works for a limited time only!