How to Buy Bulk Products Made in China?

Perhaps many thousands of people from different parts of the world are trying to do a Google search for certain products to buy in bulk.

The reason is obvious, as many small and large businesses of the world are minting money by making bulk purchases from China.

At the same time, you will be surprised to know that while buying bulk products made in China many people have suffered a great loss too.

Therefore, before you enter this market, you must prepare yourself well with proper knowledge of buying from China in bulk.

However, many businesses are making tons of money as an Amazon seller by doing the following:

  • Drop shipping
  • Retail arbitrage
  • Selling wholesale
  • Selling private label products
  • Manufacture and sell.

As Amazon has now become a household name in all parts of the world, it has also opened up a great opportunity to become rich by buying bulk products made in China.

Let us therefore share a few secrets of buying wholesale products from China.

  1. Identify your role in the whole process

All that you need to do is call the supplier and provide him with your address location. The rest of the things will be managed by the supplier.

  1. Find a few good products

There are a few good and bad product suppliers. So, you must have a mechanism to identify the good one from the lot. Only prefer to buy good quality products.

  1. Check the import rules of your country

Before going further, you must know the legal formalities in your country to import your product from China. Don’t fall into the trap of buying any restricted item from China.

  1. Find the HS code of the product

 With the help of this code, you will know the following:

  • FOB rate
  • Chinese shipping charges
  • Customs clearance fee
  • Land transport costs
  • Duty and tax costs.
  1. Locate your Chinese supplier

The next step is finding a few reliable suppliers and request for a Proforma Invoice from them.

  1. Calculate your total cost of shipping

The above price is not enough, you need to know all the different costs involved to determine your landed cost before placing the order.

  1. Track your shipment

Any shipment from China may take a lot of time depending on your location and mode of shipment.

You however easily track your shipment status. Be prepared with all necessary documents in the meantime for custom clearance.

Role of a sourcing agent

If you have a trustworthy and reliable sourcing agent on your side then they can play a very important role while buying bulk products made in China.

Not only they will provide you with a reliable supplier, but also protect you from any fraud risk and receiving defective products.

The following are the main roles of a sourcing agent:

  • Instead of showing you a product catalogue, they will locate a suitable supplier for you.
  • As a third-party sourcing agent, they can monitor the product quality at the supplier’s end.
  • Find a legitimate supplier who can supply exactly the product you need.
  • Sourcing agents are fluent both in English and the local language and thus remove all communication gaps between you and your Chinese suppliers.

It is certainly a better option to appoint a sourcing agent in China by paying a service fee rather than finding a supplier of your own.


Surely, buying bulk products made in China can be a great option, however, you must know these tips that have been shared above.

The presence of any trusted sourcing agent can make your product sourcing from China a great success!