Should You Make the Switch to Vaping?

Vaping has borne the brunt of so much bad press. Despite the relative safety of e-cigarettes, it is lost under the myths and misconceptions about the risks and dangers of smoking. Turns out, finding reliable sources regarding vaping is next to impossible. And for all those who want to make the switch to vaping consciously, Relx Vape is among the best choices out there. Australia may be tough on vaping, but there are proper channels to try it if you want to.

So if you want valid information about vaping before you switch from smoking, you have arrived at the right place. And here are a few benefits of vaping that you must know before you make your first purchase at shops like Relx Vape:

Way Better for You

Despite the misinformation flooding the sources, the advantages of vaping, when compared to smoking, are not a joke. For instance, vaping is almost 95% safer for you than smoking. It is also an effective way to ease into quitting smoking. And if you have been looking to cut down on smoking or quit altogether, easing into the process through vaping has been effective. Moreover, the e-liquids used for vaping don’t have as many chemicals as smoke from cigarettes. The residue from vaping does not linger in the lungs or elsewhere in the body like with smoking. And most people who make the switch notice positive health benefits almost instantly. Within a month, people have noticed benefits such as lowered pressure, lighter breathing, and better auditory and olfactory capabilities.

Watch Your Nicotine Intake

Vaping is one way to reduce your nicotine intake, but you might be wondering how. When you use vape, you have complete control over your nicotine dosage. The e-juice is available at various strengths, and you can decide how strong you want it to be. And if you are a chronic smoker, you can start with high-strength nicotine and work your way down. Gradually, you can even eliminate nicotine from your life entirely.

Vapour Over Smoke

The impacts of second-hand smoke are not unknown. But what is relatively unknown is that second-hand vapour poses fewer threats than second-hand smoke. Inhaling second-hand vapour does not set off multiple conditions as second-hand smoke does. Even though there needs to be more research regarding the secondary effects of vaping, the results of second-hand vapour are negligible. And since vapour evaporates quickly, it is much safer for those around you when you vape. But, it is still recommended to avoid vaping around small children and pregnant women to be on the safe side.

More Vape Flavours

Tobacco products lack flavour options when compared to vaping liquids. With stringent laws on flavoured tobacco, turning to vape for your favourite flavour makes complete sense. There are endless flavour options in e-juice, with some of the most popular being fruit, desserts, beverages, mint and menthol, and tobacco. So if you are not impressed with commercially available flavours, you can always get creative and make your vape juice.


The vaping market is practically never-ending. There are a lot of products that you can get your hands on for a vibrant experience. At the same time, these products also come under a wide price range that suits almost everyone. So whether it is a premium vape liquid that you want or a disposable vape, the options lay endless.

Since vaping poses far more benefits than cigarette smoking, there is no doubt that you should make the switch as soon as possible. Even if you have no experience, you will come to see that vaping is an enjoyable experience.